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1-Statement of Purpose

A few words about  A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN

As Literature teachers we have felt that many colleagues would welcome an annual opportunity to meet, share and bond. That is the principle that underlies “A Room of One’s Own”.
In her trailblazing work Virginia Woolf stated, “Intellectual freedom depends upon material things. Poetry depends upon intellectual freedom.” In the same vein, we believe that a certain space and time can be allotted to Literary Studies in FAAPI Conferences, regardless of their central theme, so as to foster their growth.
Literature in ELT can be viewed as content in itself or as a resource. Authors such as Brumfit, Carter, and Lazar outline three main approaches: one culture-based, another one language-based and finally a model focused on personal enrichment. We consider they should all be addressed in “A Room of One’s Own”: literary theory, literature teaching at different levels of instruction, and the promotion of literary reading.
We would like to build a network of teachers interested in these matters, who could continue communicating throughout the year about their research projects and professional undertakings as an online community of practice, and eventually share findings at the next FAAPI conference. To this purpose we have set up a blog at https://roomown.wordpress.com
In the short term, we expect to agree on a new coordinating team and a specific topic for 2009. In the long term, publication of papers and distance courses can be envisaged.
We hope new presentations at FAAPI conferences will work as a springboard for this little room to grow into a mighty mansion, where Literary Studies will thrive and serve for delight, for ornament and for ability.


2 Responses to “1-Statement of Purpose”

  1. Hi! My name is Maria Cristina Llorente .I’m a literature/Film Studies tutor at Porfesorado Saenz in Lomas de Zamora -I feel that the exploration of the dialogic relation between literature and film is a fascinating field of research!
    Film Studies and Theory of Film Adaptation may offer enormous possibilities not only in terms of research but as far as pedagogy is concerned.The disign of multidisciplinary projects where Film and Literature interact might prove to be highly empowering!

  2. I would like to expand on my previous comment (apologies for spelling mistakes included!).
    Since 2005 I’ve been a coordinator at Essarp in BA ,where I’m in charge of the Film Club .We meet every third Saturday during the year and in our sessions we analyze film adaptations of both canonical and non canonical texts .We watch scenes from several films and explore the expressiveness of editng and mise-en-scene .At the same time we also work on film genres such as the Western, Science Fiction,Gothic Horror,Melodrama,Romantic Comedy, Animation,to name just a few .These meetings have proved to be extremely fruitful thanks to the contributions of all the members of the audience.

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