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Of Mouse and Book (2009 FAAPI Conference)

Posted by Mariel Amez on October 2, 2009

Last Thursday 24th September Mariel Amez offered a demonstration at the Bahía Blanca FAAPI Conference.

Of Mouse and Book – Using Web 2.0 resources in Literature Teaching
(A Room of One’s Own Presentation) focused on classroom materials and activities developed by and for students in Literature courses in Teacher Education, and suggested ways in which these can be adapted for EFL classrooms.

The slideshow below summarizes the examples shared and points made, though some samples of students’ work used in the actual presentation have been removed to protect their privacy.

Links to some useful tools can be found here.


5 Responses to “Of Mouse and Book (2009 FAAPI Conference)”

  1. Hi Mariel,
    Your presentation is wonderful. It will be useful to me in my classroom. I want to know if you have used Moodle or not. Secndly for the ‘bar-graph’ of student’s participation, which web tool is used?
    The task based activities devised by you are very good. I would say, this is the first comprehensive presentation I have seen on use of technology for teaching literature. There’s lot of thinkgs for teaching ESL/EFL, but rarely we get smthing on literature & technology. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mariel Amez said

    Thank you, Dilip.

    For the full response see http://tinyurl.com/32spkpp

  3. alessandra said

    Hi Mariel, I find your presentation really really useful and good food for thought! I have been teaching English literature for some years now and constantly looking for new and motivating ways to present it to my students. I use web 2.0 too, mostly blogs where students are asked to post comments and opinions about the works we study in the classroom, but also slideshares, wikis and webquests. In your presentation I can find a lot more, really thanks for sharing 🙂
    Alessandra from Italy

  4. Mariel Amez said

    Thanks, Alessandra, for stopping by. I’m glad you have found this interesting. Is there any site where I can check out what you have been doing in the area?

  5. alessandra said

    Hi Mariel, I’ve got a website http://www.teachersdesk.it
    where I collect most of my work, but I’m not so well organized, I’m afraid


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